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Bullpadel rackets

The padel brand Bullpadel has made its way into the field of paddle equipment, becoming one of the best and most suitable for the track.

Bullpadel rackets are characteristic for adapting to the needs of even the most demanding professionals in the sport. These have been shown to have a wide variety of range in terms of control and power. In the case of the famous Bullpadel Hack, the Paquito Navarro shovel, or in the case of the Bullpadel Vertex they have maximum power without losing the control point on the track.

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Bullpadel paddle rackets. The shovels to win

Bullpadel was born with an ambitious project by several professionals from the world of Spanish and Argentine padel. Although their beginnings were not easy, they won the trust of great players such as: JUANI MIERES, PITU LOSADA, CATA TENORIO or GABY RECA.

The BULLPADEL brand has chosen to invest in research and technology for year after year, to bring the best paddle tennis rackets to the market.

Some of its most legendary rackets have been gaining presence on the circuits and are among the best-sellers in our padel store.

Most fans are familiar with the BULLPADEL VERTEX rackets, or the BULLPADEL HACK CONTROL, all of which are benchmark padel racket models in the sector.

The 3 best BULLPADEL blades 2021

In our online padel store you can find the best offers on Bullpadel rackets with the most competitive market prices and also those rackets that due to their characteristics will help you to be one of the most feared on the track.


This racket is one of the most comfortable and manageable as it provides great comfort in the game. It is a racquet designed for professional or advanced level players and is designed with a round shape that will help you improve hitting precision and performance.

It is perfect for defensive-style games based on punching precision. It is one of the best blades on the market made with durable, resistant and high quality materials.


The BULLPADEL VERTEX 03 Control racket is designed to provide the most advanced players with great control and performance. It incorporates as a novelty a heart with the Air React Channel system, with a hollow structure that increases the stability of the frame. In this way, a greater reaction is achieved at the exit of the ball and more precise strokes. It incorporates the Grip Hesacore system to reduce effort and vibrations, as well as possible injuries.


This padel racket falls in love both for its aesthetics and for the benefits it brings to the game. It is a model made for advanced level players. It is very complete, comfortable and you will love it if you are a competitive player. The main material in which it is manufactured is Tricarbón carbon. This material gives the product resistance and durability. The touch of this shovel is firm and at the same time comfortable. Its design, with a combination of colors in black and orange and a blue gradient make it very striking.